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Investment Plans

15%//After 25 Days
  1. Minimum: $100
  2. Maximum: $499
  3. Contract: 1~3 Months
20%//After 25 Days
  1. Minimum: $500
  2. Maximum: $999
  3. Contract: 1~3 Months
25%//After 25 Days
  1. Minimum: $1,000
  2. Maximum: $1,499
  3. Contract: 1~3 Months
30%//After 25 Days
  1. Minimum: $1,500
  2. Maximum: ∞
  3. Contract: 1~3 Months

Why Choose Us?

We are not a Get Rich Quick scheme, we trade forex with 100% Guaranteed Payouts of Investments and returns.

Expert management

Our Company consist of experts with many years Of Trading/ Fund management experience.

Secure investment

Our Trading software is secure with a three Layer Encryption system, and guarantees full encrytpion for maximum security of investments.

High Income

With Our unbeatable Risk to Reward management System, you will get a high and enjoyable Profit on investments just by Investing and monitoring your accounts.

Licenced Entity

We are a registered financial management company in UK with company number 11624149, also based in United Kingdom but invite clients from all over the world to be a part of us.

DDoS Security

Data security is everything in financial markets. We offer complete DDOS protection. The privacy of your financial data is primary to us.

Live customer support

Our customer chat support is live 24/7/365 feel free to always chat with us and we can answer your questions appropriately.

Bitcoin Safe Investment is made up of Forex Trade experts with years of Trading experience. We help you trade your Investments with VERY LOW % risk and Guaranteed Profits within the speculated period of time.

Referral bonus level

Due to the ongoing promo all referral systems are on HOLD.


Level 01 instant 4% commission


Level 02 instant 2% commission


Level 03 instant 1% commission

Some important FAQ

Sometimes there could be an internet connectivity or server issue, Please Contact our online support team in case you are not able to access your account.

Due to Proximity issues, Lesser errors and complaints encountered(while using Cryptocurrencies), we adopted a Cryptocurrencies Only payment Option, which includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

Your profit is added in your BitSafe account. You can withdraw your funds whenever you want.

An affiliate program is a program where you earn profit for every new referral you make to BitSafe. In simple terms, We pay you a percentage of profit to you for as many new clients you bring to us. This program has 3 levels. This means that you will receive a 4% from the deposits of your 1st Level, 2% from your 2nd and 1% from your 3rd Level .

To become Representative, you must have an active account with us. You can start sending your referral link to your friends circle and everywhere and you will receive a 4% from the deposits of your 1st Level, 2% from your 2nd Level and 1% from your 3rd Level.

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Where to Purchase Bitcoin?

Coin Base
  1. Minimum: 50 USD
  1. Minimum: 50 USD
  1. Minimum: 24 USD
Trust Wallet
  1. Minimum: 50 USD